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Thank you to everyone who purchased a print during our holiday sale. We have decided to continue selling prints at an adjusted price and have adopted The Valley Rises as a theme for SALT’s vision for Schoharie County.

The original oil on canvas, “The Valley Rises” painted for SALT by renowned local artist Elizabeth Apgar-Smith is valued at $6,500, but you can get your very own matted 15″ x 24″ professional print for a minimum donation of $50. Beautiful custom wood-framed prints are also available for $150.

A finite amount of prints signed by the artist are also available for a donation of $100 and custom wood-framed prints signed by the artist are available for a donation of $200.

Elizabeth Apgar-Smith, who has made her mark with her touring exhibit “Faithful Labors,” paintings highlighting life on small family farms, is a long-time resident of Schoharie. Hurricane Irene left 8 ½ feet of silt-laced water in her gallery and 4 ½ feet on the main floor of their house. She and her husband, with the help of many volunteers and a few skilled craftsmen, have spent the past two years restoring their house and gallery.

On one level, Elizabeth’s oil painting The Valley Rises depicts a warm sunrise view of the folding hills along the Schoharie Valley reaching southward toward the Catskill Mountains from the top of Warner Hill. On another level, the title represents the ongoing struggle towards recovery of her village in the wake of the flooding, a labor of love and determination that she hopes to salute with the donation of this work.


***Please note that Shipping does cost extra.***

The Valley Rises Print