What is an In-Kind Donation?

An In-Kind Donation is a contribution that takes the form of goods rather than money.  You choose exactly what your donation buys! Make a specific, personalized donation to SALT and help us gather the supplies we need to rebuild.

Thanks to generous donors like you, SALT accomplished 13 major rebuild equivalents this summer – work was done at 47 properties and 6 properties were demolished.  

This fall we plan to address the needs of total rebuilds from the ground up, working with homeowners, additional funding partners, skilled rebuilding partners and your generous donations. 

With your help SALT will be making home possible for more residents.


Building Hope, Rebuilding Community


Our Top Ten Needs Are:

  • Tyvek Safety suits & booties
  • Contractors Bags or heavy duty garbage bags
  • Paint rollers & trays
  • 2 x 4′s,  2 x 6′s, dimensional lumber
  • Demolition and carpentry tools, especially crowbars, flat bars/pry bars, staple guns, etc.
  • Fiberglass insulation – R-19    
  • ½” drywall and joint compound (green top)
  • 5 gallon buckets of primer and paint
  • ½” cdx plywood, ¾” subfloor
  • 12/2 or 14/3 grounded romex wire and electrical supplies
  • 6/8” interior door units (2’0”, 2’4”, 2’6”, or 3’0”)                                                                                                       To donate,  click here to access our needs list on Amazon:

Please make checks payable to SALT, Inc.
Please call (518) 702-5017 or visit us online at: www.saltrecovery.org.

*Due to limited staffing & storage space, large donations accepted by appointment.*